Five Essential Golf Drills To Practice At Home

How can you consistently make golf swings which gets you low scores? Simple—Do your golf drills diligently.

Below some of golf drills which can help correct and improve key components within your swing action.

1. Golf Drill for Better Rhythm in Your Swing

Place around 6 or more golf tees on the floor which can be a minimum of 5 inches far from each other. Walk and swing your club to skim the top of each tee one after another. This drill can help increase your charge of the golf-club and also the rhythm of one’s swing.

2. Drill for Better Golf Swing Balance

First check whether your body is balanced properly when you perform swing. Check by placing small coins on top of one’s shoes before doing golf swings. If you are can not maintain your coins on top of your respective shoes this means you don’t need to the proper balance to build your swing more accurate and powerful.

Another method to check if your body is balanced correctly in the swing movement is to ask a golf buddy to push you on your back once you are in a middle of doing a backswing or downswing. If the push could make you off-balance you’ll need adjust your stance, or body position for better balance.

3. Golf Drill for Strengthening Golf Swing Muscles

This golf drill can be for building ‘fluid golf swing’ muscle memory. Practice your swing with golf sets that have been weighted right down to build-up parts of your muscles and help you produce more power within your swing. You can also practice by just swinging 2 or more golf sets at once.

4. Golf Drills to Improve Backswing

This drill will even help build muscle memory for ‘bigger arm rotation’ and for keeping the ‘trailing arm near to the body’ during the backswing.

Without your driver, maintain your hands together and make up a backswing without letting the hands separate. By keeping both hands together, you’ll want to increase the rotation of your arm to accomplish a back swing. The stretch you feel on this position is how your back swing should feel.

Another drill to increase your shot accuracy and control is usually to require a golf cover and slip it in the armpit of your respective trailing arm (right arm for right-handed players). Do a swing without letting the golf cover disappear. This drill will train your body to maintain the trailing arm close throughout a swing.

5. Golf Drill to Keep Leading Arm and Wrists Straight

Starting from address position, place a ball behind the top of one’s club. And as you move your system to do a backswing, let the head with the club push the ball until it rolls at the rear of your respective right or trailing foot.

So try these drills to practice your body to stay the right position when performing the swing. With consistent golf drills you will see your golf scores get lower minimizing

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